The Coca-Cola Zone is where all the fun will be for young and old and it all happens under shade! Come sit back and relax

Friday, June 30
12:00 Inkleur Kompetisie
14:00 Chantelle Bosch
14:30 Gerhard Pace

Saturday, July 1
10:00 Lollos 9 Show
11:00 Roland Gaspar
12:00 Happy Scratch Patch in samewerking met Smartstone
14:00 Roland Gaspar:
The Coca-Cola Comedy Game Show with Roland Gaspar Bring the whole family for great big smiles, and a chance to win as PE comedian Roland Gaspar gives away limited edition Coca-Cola goodies to reward audience members for playing along. Get ready for singing, dancing, joking and plenty of surprises as we have a good laugh and taste the fun!

Sunday, July 2
09:30 Lollos 9 Show
11:30  Meet & Greet Skye & Marshall (Paw Patrol)and Friends
12:30  Meet & Greet Lollos & Lettie.

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